The development of intelligent industry background


he 18th century, the British watt invented the steam engine, the first industrial revolution, opened by machine instead of the era of hand tools. Humans entered the industrial age. After 1870, the development by leaps and bounds of science and technology, all kinds of new technology, new inventions emerge in endlessly, and was applied in industrial production quickly, greatly promote the development of the economy. This is the second industrial revolution. At that time, highlight the development of science and technology is mainly manifested in three aspects, namely, the widespread use of electricity, internal combustion engines and new means of transport of the invention of the initiative, the new means of communication.


After entering the 21st century, with the development of science and technology, and the development of the Internet of things, intelligent become the trend of the development of science and technology. Industry as a principal part of the social economy, promote the social progress, the development of its science and technology is the intelligent direction. Britain published an article in the economist, declared the coming of the "third industrial revolution: the hair in the UK at the end of the eighteenth century foot for the first time the industrial revolution, to replace the manual machine; Ford invented the perfect assembly line mass production early in the twentieth century, set off a second industrial revolution; Third industrial revolution is happening in our side, its core is "digital" manufacturing, known as "smart" industry.